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Who does not want to have his niche in the real estate and market and own lucrative real estate properties? Moreover, at this time, when the stock exchange is not showing the desirable improvements, the real estate market is one of the most potential domains for investment.Most of us believe that family homes for nuclear families are one of the most important form of real estate investments. Though, at the same time, it’s not mandatory that you should have your own home in case you need to invest in the real estate market. Thus, most of the investors follow the same trend of investing, which they once had adopted for getting the right house for themselves. No doubt, such concept, when applied, turns to be familiar and the curve of learning the entire phenomenon of investment is also very comprehensive and concrete.At the same time, this concept is also bustling with several drawbacks. The first reason the cut throat competition existing in the real estate investments. At the same time, the long time investors and property dealers, artificially create the inflation in the prices of the real estate properties due to which the first time buyers gets very discouraged.Thus, it’s very important to know how to beat the competition in the existing real estate market and make successful investments in these properties. Commercial real estate is one of the most applicable and comprehensive approaches to go for.But then, why commercial real estate? In the entire concept of the local real estate dealings, the commercial real estate marketing tends to be one of the solid investments, in good and disappointing times. The apartment buildings which are multi-unit in structure are the most important features for the commercial real estate properties.If you follow this concept, you not only tend to become the land owner but at the same time, you do not have to do all the work by yourself. The rent income is enough to recover the expenses of your area.If the apartments have more than five units, they are considered to be the most pivotal aspects of the real estate markets. Thus, either you can opt for bigger buildings or go for apartments which have multiple small units. You will definitely have more cash flow and your income to expenditure ratio will be properly maintained.At the same time, investment in the homes for nuclear families also assures profitable cash income. In case, the house is rented, even then, the income made out of it is substantial.On the other hand, the advantage of the commercial real estate is that the appreciation value of the buildings is directly based on the rent income rather than the comparative value appreciation of the other different apartments and buildings.It depends on you that whether you want to go commercial real estate markets or for the smaller homes for the nuclear families. Whatever, the case might be, you must be ready to face the initial loss in the dealings, which will later add to your expertise in terms of real estate dealings.To Your Success!

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Often real estate professionals avoid marketing because they don’t know what direction to start with. Many decide to just do some sort of “branding” in the hopes of getting more business, only to be told that they must do more “branding” before they will get phone calls. A focus on real estate marketing means getting results from every ad, mailing piece, or website page that is placed. Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you have the right ideas to put into action.Part of your real estate marketing strategy should be to put into action ideas that generate calls for business every month. This doesn’t mean trying “gimmicks” it just means taking time to understand your market and meeting their needs with the right messages. Take into consideration the following marketing ideas to generate more calls and start closing more business.1.      Place ads on transactional words- Instead of placing pay per click ads on generic words like “my area real estate” consider placing ads on transactional words. These keywords are often over looked and will result in leads who will act quickly. Adding transactional related keywords like “buy” and “purchase” will help you to focus on buyers who are ready to get out in the field and take action.2.      Send a postcard around a popular listing – In any market there are listings that receive multiple offers. Whether it is your listing or not, send a postcard to the closest 200-300 homes in the area. Don’t send a postcard that states that you are a “neighborhood” expert, rather send a postcard that focuses on saving people time and money.3.      Place a new magazine ad – Magazine ads are often one of the quickest buyer systems that you can implement. Don’t place the traditional magazine ad about yourself, rather, put a series of listings in your ad, with powerful copy that compel people to pick up the phone to get more information. When you put in listings that are of interest and use a simple 1-800 number tracking service you can get 100+ phone calls from just 1 ad! 100 phone calls can easily be turned into 6 or more transaction when you use the right scripts.Real estate marketing doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to have the focus on generating leads. Too often ads are placed without the concern for what the return will be. With every marketing idea that you put into place take time to consider how many conversions you will need to have a minimum 7 times return on your investment.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Become The Game Changer – Real Estate Marketing

Do people need an iPad? No. Is iPad a must have? Yes! Therefore, iPad is a luxury. What makes iPad a luxury is the user experience. It’s tactically interactive. It is eye candy. It is, above all, simple and fun, with endless possibilities of entertainment via the Apps Store. Apple has raised the bar of EXPECTATION in user experience and has thus changed the game.If you want to gain the competitive edge as a luxury real estate marketing professional, you must become the game changer. Your own website must create an extraordinary user experience and you must provide a superior promise of value as a professional that is newsworthy.Two days after iPad launched, we had lunch in downtown Santa Barbara across the street from the Apple Store. People were swarming in and we decided to see what the buzz was all about, up close. Dozens of potential customers were gathered around several large tables testing iPads. One freed up and we swooped in to play with it. The experience was joyous; it was easy and very intuitive to use. For fun, we checked out how our website looked on the screen. It looked great. We turned the iPad sideways (landscape vs. portrait), we made the pictures bigger with gestures. We navigated through pages with a tap of the screen, enlarged images and giggled like kids. It was an awesome experience for us iPhone hold outs.On the cover of Newsweek magazine a question was posed: What is so great about the iPad? The answer was: Everything! Whether or not you agree with its merits, the iPad is a game changer for the competition. On the back cover was an ad for Amazon’s best selling product, their eBook reader, the Kindle. Fueled by the hurricane of publicity that Apple commanded (which is a story unto itself) leading up to the iPad launch, 300,000 units sold in one weekend. This has put Amazon, the market leader in the eBook product category, on notice. They very well may have to settle for the back seat in this market space. The Nook, Barnes and Noble’s “me-too” eBook reader may never recover from a distant 3rd place. Other eBook readers are no longer on the radar screen.If gaining market leadership is your aim, the power and speed of publicity via social media can completely disrupt the competitive playing field and give you the competitive edge “overnight”. That is, if you have identified an uncontested market niche that you can dominate like Apple, create a new category of service, and thus, create a truly newsworthy story.

Real Estate Marketing – Why Contextual Links Are Important – Real Estate Marketing

Many agents and brokers are continually placing more importance on ranking higher in the search engines for their local niche keywords. Including SEO strategies as a part of your real estate marketing plan is a great way to gain more exposure and traffic for your chosen keywords. Plus it is a great and free alternative to gaining more business as well.There are many pieces that are involved with earning a top ranking in the search results, so it is important to focus your marketing efforts on things that will have the greatest overall impact. One tactic that continues to be a key factor for building site authority is getting quality back links to your website.However, there is certainly a right way and a wrong way to go about doing this. For example, if your website contained the real estate marketing theme “YOUR AREA homes for sale,” anytime you submitted a new blog post or article on another platform, you would want to be certain that the content linking back to your page was very relevant to your chosen niche.This concept of content pointing to other related content on the web is better known as “contextual linking.” In the past, many bloggers would direct any and all types of links back to their websites, focusing on quantity more than the quality of the links. But more authority is now being given to contextual links. So let’s explore how you can begin building these for your websites.How to Build Contextual Links:

Web 2.0 or Article Directories: Although it has been said that some of these websites may start to hold less authority in the eyes of Google, based on our experiences, these platforms still have a very positive impact on our SEO efforts. One should always keep in mind that content needs to be quality and unique. There are plenty of topics you can write about from “how to buy a home” to “10 ways to improve your property’s value.” You can Google “top web 2.0 sites/article directories” to find places to post to.
Forums: Again, you can Google “real estate forums” and get a ton of places to start posting comments to. This is also a great place to meet other professionals and perhaps get some referrals as well. Most platforms will allow you to include active links back to your site after so many submissions. One I personally love is
Guest Blogging: You are in the people business and therefore need to continually network with other professionals in your area. Run a search on blogs in your market that are closely related to your local real estate marketing niche. Think of investors, mortgage brokers, insurance professionals, etc. that may have sites. Get in contact with the owners and write a few guest posts with these links back to your own website.These are just a few great ways for you to get started now. And if you can’t find the time to invest in this, then it may be worth hiring out an assistant to help. As always, this is just one of many other real estate marketing strategies that you must implement in order to capitalize on all the web has to offer!